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Dr. Di's Health Tips - December 2003
Humor and Humming For Health

Finding a sense of humor and humming a tune are two things we can do that don’t cost money or rob us of our time. Laughter therapy can do more to boost your immunity in less time than anything else, and humming a happy tune increases oxygen and blood flow to the brain and sinuses.

Research shows that laughing boosts the immune system. It increases the production of NK-cells (Natural Killer Cells) that destroy viruses and tumors and raises the level of gamma-interferon, a powerful disease fighting immune system component. Laughing also simulates an increase in T and B cell populations and speeds up antibody production.

Studies reported in the book “Suppercharge Your Immunity” by Norman D. Ford, lists the benefits of laughter: Releases beta-endorphins that elevate mood and reduce perception of pain. Inhibits secretion of immune-suppressing growth hormones. Slows brainwave frequency, inducing relaxation. Defuses negative emotions. Relieves muscular tension, especially in the face, diaphragm and abdomen. Releases hormones that stimulate blood flow and oxygen to cells. Benefits the endocrine, immune and nervous systems and releases brain chemicals that make the mind smarter.

Many of us take life too seriously, so look for the humor in life and bring that humor to others as a gift for all.

Research conducted at the Karolinska Hospital in Sweden showed that long bouts of humming (like in meditation) increase ventilation in the Para nasal sinus cavities. Humming increases the gas exchange between the nasal passages and the sinuses from 4 percent to 98 percent. This is significant because our sinuses produce nitric oxide, which helps dilate capillary beds and increase blood flow. This increased flow deters bacterial growth and infections. In a 2002 report, the American Journal of Respiratory Care and Medicine stated that daily breathing exercises involving humming could help reduce the incidence of sinusitis and upper respiratory infections.

So whether you just hum whatever tune pops into your head or get in the lotus position and hum your mantra, hum away. Have you ever seen the comedy (Down and Out in Beverly Hills) where Bette Midler is humming a mantra? That’s a good laugh.

Enjoy your holiday.

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