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Dr. Di's Health Tips - November 2003
Self-Care Through the Holidays

Many of us use the Holiday Season as an excuse to sleaze on our diet and forgo our exercise, leaving us overweight and depressed for the New Year. Sometimes it is difficult to develop habits of extreme self-care when we are caught up in our busyness. Consider making this holiday season your opportunity to enhance your health and sense of well being by incorporating a healthy diet, good company and exercise.

One of the problems we encounter with the holiday foods is too many simple carbohydrates and not enough fiber. Just making sure you eat more high fiber foods during the holidays will help keep the furnace burning and the toxins moving out. Moderate the sweets, starches and excessive alcohol normally pushed during this season. Go for the vegetables and protein at holiday meals and treat yourself to a small portion of dressing or mashed potatoes and gravy. Don't wait too long to eat, ever. Some like to save up their appetite for the "big meal" and this is a sure way to set yourself up for overeating and gaining weight. Small frequent meals are the secret to maintaining healthy blood sugar levels and higher metabolism.

Choose you company wisely during this season. We all have family obligations and if you work well with your family, that is great. If you have problems maintaining a healthy attitude around family, learn to set boundaries and how to say no when necessary. Just because things have always been done the same way doesn't mean it wouldn't be good to change the timing or setting of traditional get-togethers. Use your creative self to stimulate healthy exchanges with those you encounter. Plan ways to get your needs met and avoid playing the martyr, as this will leave you angry and regretful when the day is done. Don't make promises you are not happy to carry out.

Exercise is important to maintaining physical and mental health during the holiday season. Make and take time for it; even 10 minute increments 2-3x per day will give benefit. Just as you have obligations this season to spread good will and cheer among those you love, love yourself by keeping up healthy activity. A walk before or after engaging with others can clear the mind and relax the desire to act out. Plan for small increments of exercise so you can get it in and let others know you have scheduled your activities in coordination with other events.

Be a little selfish this holiday season in getting your needs met. You will be a more loving person to be around.


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