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May 2003

Co enzyme Q10 - Why is it so important!

Without Co Enzyme Q10, we wouldn't have enough energy to stay alive. CoQ10 is essential for energy generation and antioxidant protection. It is made in the body, and concentrated in the "powerhouse" of our cells called the mitochondria. Our cells do not use the nutrients consumed in the diet for their immediate supply of energy. Instead, they prepare an energy-rich compound called adenosine triphosphate or simply ATP where our energy is stored and ready for action.

ATP is the fuel used for all the energy-requiring processes within the cell and in turn, the energy in food is extracted to build more ATP. ATP's molecular structure is one adenosine combined with three phosphates and oxygen atoms. A considerable amount of energy is stored in the ATP molecule at the bonds that link the two outer most phosphate groups with the remainder of the molecule. Think of your mitochondria as the cell engine, ATP as the fuel and CoQ10 as the spark plugs.

Coenzyme Q 10 concentration in the mitochondria is not believed to be saturated, which is why some researchers believe supplementation can be helpful. In fact at age 50 your body can be struggling with half the concentration of CoQ10 that you had when you were 21 years old. Foods high in this nutrient are salmon, mackerel, beef and pork. However, even if you eat these every day you are probably only getting 5-10 mgs and the recommended dose I read about is 30 to 50mgs.

Some of the reported benefits of CoQ10 are:

Can Help with Obesity
Has Anti Aging Effects
Supplies Oxygen for Improved Brain Function
Helps to Prevent Breast Cancer
Good for Healing Periodontal Disease
Increases Energy and Vitality
Strong Immune System Supporter
Promotes Health Blood Pressure
Prevents Free Radical Damage
Improves Cardiovascular Health (Strengthens the heart muscle and has been shown to help angina, cardiac failure, ischemic heart disease and mitral valve prolapse.)

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