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February 2003

An Acid Sytem is a Degenerative System

There is a reason we hear and read information on how important it is to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Acid build up in the body encourages disease. Pathogens love an acid environment as they thrive on dead foods, sugar, white flour products, coffee, alcohol, meat, hydrogenated fats, dairy, and soft drinks. I am not a vegetarian, but I do eat plenty of vegetables, plus take vitamins and minerals and digestive enzymes. We need to find a balance that works for us. Eliminating the acid producing foods and drinks is one idea, then adding in more greens and drinking plenty of water between meals to flush toxins is a good second.

People worry about catching diseases from the environment we live in and although it pays to use good hygiene, the bigger concern is are we providing the pathogenic organisms a foothold to multiply in? Mucus and waste build up in the system can only be removed by the lymph system and our immune soldiers that engulf and wash it away. We can support this system by eating the right stuff.

Chlorophyll (the blood of the plant) helps our red blood cells deliver oxygen throughout the body. It is also said to reduce the binding of carcinogens to DNA in the liver and other organs and to break down calcium stones. This is one nutrient I encourage my clients to take when they have a build up of uric acid, which can manifest in gout.

The common problems of acid build up are weight gain, fatigue, depression, foggy thinking, allergies, blood-sugar problems and overtime - just about any disease you can think of. I have talked to you about enzymes being the catalyst to life and that there are l000's of enzymes needed in the body to activate every physiological function necessary for life. Live foods provide us with live enzymes and cooked foods do not.

So, how can we get more of an alkaline balance for a improve quality of life? Besides the fruits and vegetables I like to drink powdered greens. You can find concentrated greens at your health food store.

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