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January 2003

Detoxification Can Be A Constant!

In today's world of chemical exposure to food, water, air and environment it is essential to follow certain detoxification practices for health maintenance and prevention of disease.

There are some basic practices we can implement daily to help support our detoxification system. With the right foods, clean water, supplements, exercise and mind set, one can make big progress in prevention of disease.

Water - should be consumed between meals giving enough time to digest after eating before flushing the system. We need to drink at least ½ oz purified water per pound of body weight. A 128-pound individual would need to drink 64 oz, which is ½ gallon a day. Pop or caffeinated beverages don't count. In fact if you drink these you will need more water because these dehydrate the system and add more toxins. .

Enzymes - are essential to the function of every pathway in our body. Digestion, assimilation and elimination are all dependent on enzymes. They play a vital role in the breakdown of foreign matter as well as food. If your diet consists of cooked and processed foods, stagnation and putrification increases the process of internal decay. Enzymes can be consumed in vegetable and fruit servings or juicing. Green drinks that provide chlorophyll transfer the energy from photosynthesis to your cells. This pigment has been proven to aid in blood purification, liver detoxification, acids and toxins.

Fiber - is key in keeping the bowels moving and free from putrification, which stems from stagnation of waste and harboring pathogenic organisms. Fiber comes in many forms; the key is to find what works for your system. Take a fiber supplement or several servings of fresh vegetables, fruit, seeds and high fiber grains or legumes. Your bowel movements should be easy, odorless, and well formed.

Orthomolecular Therapy - is finding the right combination of a good multiple vitamin and mineral supplement along with strategies in herbs and other nutrients for detoxifying the liver, lymph, colon, skin, lungs and kidneys.

Exercise - is important to increase oxygen to the lungs and improve circulation to cells. Depending on your level of energy, you can balance the amount and kind of exercise to improve health. Do a variety of cardio and weight strengthening types of exercise. Consistency is important (3-5 times per week), but over-exertion can be as bad as not enough, so tune into your body.

Mental Attitude - is more important than most people realize. Being stressed out to accomplish in life and work is detrimental to your health. A positive attitude and personal connection with your inner wisdom can make a huge difference in your ability to take on the challenges in life.

These simple concepts can be implemented into your life one at a time if need be to make them a healthy habit.

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