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December 2002
Stay Active This Holiday Break!

What is it about the holiday that makes us go into a slump about our diet and exercise? Another year coming to an end, the stress of buying presents and family obligations all contribute to our overall attitude about caring for ourselves.

So lets take a giant step outside our minds and view this holiday in a different way. We can find fun things to do with family or friends that support our health. Winter sports like skiing, skating, snow shoeing, or hiking are always a possibility, just plan on it. Invite family or friends to join you for a short walk before or after planned festivities. We can fulfill family obligations and still get our needs met if we really want to.

Also, don't use the holiday as an excuse to bring into your kitchen unhealthy foods you have worked so hard to eliminate. If you have guests that bring sweets, fats or simple carbs into your home, send it home with them. It is important to create boundaries when it comes to health needs. Just because there are large meals presented during the holidays, one does not need to starve all day and then overindulge. Eat breakfast and have healthy small meals before that big spread so you can choose wisely and not stuff yourself. And if you do overindulge take digestive enzymes to help the food move through. I avoid deserts, but if you feel this is a time of year when you want some pie, wait to have it when you are not so full because the combination of sugar on top of everything else is really bad food combining and will leave you feeling bloated and tired.

And some of you may realize that you have more time to take care of yourself than when you are in the working mode. So besides eating well and exercise take small breaks to read, relax, nap or take a hot bath. There are two weeks left in December, you don't need wait until the New Year to get it together. Just think how good you could feel coming into 2003 if you stay active and eat well for the rest of this year.

Have a good one!


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