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July 2002

Candidiasis - The yeast connection to poor health…

One of the most common ailments I discover with my clients is yeast. Candida albicans grows naturally in the lower bowel and in women also the vagina. When this microorganism overgrows many health problems can surface:
· Extreme fatigue or lethargy
· Inability to concentrate
· Depression
· Skin itching, rashes, fungous nails, anal-vaginal-jock itching
· Gas or bloating
· Headaches
· Muscle aching
· Joint swelling and aching
· Numbness, burning, tingling of muscles and nerves
· Respiratory congestion
· Hyperactivity and recurrent ear infections in children

As you can see, the list of symptoms is diverse and many health problems can be misdiagnosed only making things worse for the yeast-laden individual. Yeast loves sugar and simple carbs. If you crave these kinds of foods, it could be your yeast has gotten out of hand. A history of antibiotic use, birth control pills, prednisone or other corticosteroids will increase yeast potential for growth. If you have persistent or recurrent athlete's foot, fungal infections or genital itching its pretty certain yeast is involved. Also people with yeast are more sensitive to allergies and made ill when exposed to perfumes, tobacco smoke and other chemicals.

OK - so now that I have your attention, what do we do to prevent or get rid of a yeast infection. Diflucan is a drug you can get through your doctor to help arrest the little buggers, but in addition, I would take lots of liquid acidophilus and buy Total Yeast Redux and Total Probiotic from a company I use called Nutri-West. You need to contact me either by e-mail or by phone in order to find out which products would be appropriate for you and to be able to order the products from Nutri-West. This yeast is not our friend, and you will be surprised by how much better you can feel if you get it under control.


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